Demonizing the Kochs

Left attacks businessmen for supporting Romney

The Washington Times

…Leftist agitator Andy Stepanian organized the group to “non-violently disrupt the fundraiser.” He claimed to have demonstrators from a hodgepodge of fellow traveler groups, including Occupy Wall Street, Greenpeace, Art Not War and Their stated purpose was to oppose “the ever-growing and pervasive influence of Koch Industries‘ money on our electoral system.” They are particularly peeved by rumors that the Kochs gave financial support to break the public union monopoly in Wisconsin, build the Keystone pipeline and dispel global warming nonsense…

More mainstream groups are also in on the coordinated effort. On Monday, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee sent out a fundraising appeal about the Koch fundraiser: “If you don’t think our country should be run by people who think you need a yacht for your opinion to count, then now’s the time to show it.”

It would be difficult to come up with a more hypocritical statement. While Occupiers pretend to do battle against money in politics, they’re really just going after Republicans. They didn’t protest outside the $40,000 a ticket dinner for Mr. Obama at actress Sarah Jessica Parker’s swank Manhattan house. They were nowhere to be found outside the $15 million bash at movie star George Clooney’s Los Angeles mansion. They have nothing bad to say about billionaire currency speculator George Soros and his infusion of cash into many of the groups that are protesting money in politics….

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