Dems launch effort to block GOP citizen-inspired spending cuts

Bill Weckesser
American Thinker

Democrats and President Obama remain firmly committed to behind-closed-doors deal-making and uncontrolled spending as usual. The Hill reports that they’ve now launched an effort to scrap a GOP initiated web site to host discussions for a “new agenda rooted in principles of smaller, more accountable and less costly government.” A number of republican congressmen are hosting meetings over the Memorial Day Weekend to show the site to constituents and Republican deputy whip Kevin McCarthy talked about it in the Republican’s weekly address.

Democrats are aghast that taxpayer money is funding it. They’ve launched an effort to use the GOP’s great new tool, YouCut, to scuttle the funding.

Democrats describe “America Speaking Out” as a “partisan initiative,” and say that Republicans “have refused to disclose the total cost” of the project to taxpayers.

But McCarthy and other House Republicans are pushing the program as a way for Americans to “once again have a role in driving America’s agenda.”

YouCut , meanwhile, is a dynamite tool to educate voters on reasonable ways to cut government spending. Led by Virginia Representative Eric Cantor, the site features weekly budget cutting initiatives and lets visitors select their favorite one. Cantor and company then take the winner to the House floor for a vote. Last week Congresswoman Barbara Bachman’s [sic] [CAJ: Rep. Michele Bachmann] suggestion for a federal pay freeze had Missouri Democrat Ike Skelton squirming like Boss Tweed:

These are efforts that demand the support of every conservative and Tea Partier. It’s becoming increasingly telling which lawmakers are truly behind common sense reform…and those supporting obfuscation and fiscal malfeasance.

Bill Weckesser
E. Lansing, MI

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