Dems Portray Obama as Patton at DNC

Dana Loesch
Big Peace
6 Sep 2012

The left has two uses for our men and women in uniform: scapegoats and props. When they’re not denigrating them, they’re using them as props in political campaigns. Sen. John Kerry, the target of swift boat ire back in 2004, attempted to portray the Democratic incumbent Barack Obama as Patton-esque because he killed Osama bin Laden … using information obtained via enhanced interrogation techniques under Bush, that Obama opposed.

Despite Democrats slamming Rudy Giuliani for running on his record as mayor because it happened to coincide with 9/11, Democrats have no problem with Obama campaigning off of the SEALs.

Kerry in his speech omitted how the Navy SEALs are furious with President Obama after he attempted to campaign off their mission in a recent ad…

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