Dems ramming health care vote and John Kerry thinks Americans are stupid

From an email by, September 23, 2009:

Today, Senate Democrats in the Finance Committee rejected a
Republican move to require that the full text of the Baucus
government-controlled healthcare bill be posted for 72 hours
prior to a vote.

Democrats are fast-tracking the bill through committee,
insisting that Senators vote on the bill WITHOUT seeing
the actual language of the legislation.

In fact, Democrats were making their point by mocking those who
wanted to actually READ the bill before voting!

Sen. Kerry said, “Legislative language is relatively
arcane, very legalistic, and most people don’t read the
legislative language.”

Fax Senate Finance Committee

The fast-tracked vote in the Finance Committee will take place
this week. Even if you have done so already, we are urging all to schedule faxes to their two senators and the key members of the Senate Finance Committee TODAY.

Click here if you wish to donate to and have them send your faxes to your senators and representatives as well as Republican Committee members and Blue Dog Democrats.

Or, if you wish to send your own faxes, click here if you wish to download their letter.

Thank you!

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