Dershowitz: Ted Cruz one of Harvard Law’s smartest students

Charles C. Johnson
The Daily Caller

Famed Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz ranks Sen. Ted Cruz among the school’s smartest students, adding that the Canada-born Texan can run for president in 2016.

Cruz was a “terrific student,” Dershowitz told The Daily Caller. “He was always very active in class, presenting a libertarian point of view. He didn’t strike me as a social conservative, more of a libertarian.”

“He had brilliant insights and he was clearly among the top students, as revealed by his class responses,” Dershowitz added.

Dershowitz also gave a high estimate of Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren — who has decidedly different political views than Cruz.

Dershowitz says he and Cruz would often debate issues presented in Dershowitz’s criminal law class. “Cruz’s views were always thoughtful and his responses were interesting,” the law professor explained. “I obviously disagreed with them and we had good arguments in class. I would challenge him and he would come up with very good responses.”

Cruz’s “career has not surprised me. I thought he would go on to accomplish important things.”

“His movement toward social conservatism has surprised me a little bit,” Dershowitz added, but “people will change and perhaps when you are at Harvard Law School you are less likely to espouse a socially conservative point of view.”…

…“Everyone is following the Obama model” of serving a few years in the U.S. Senate and then running for president, Dershowitz said.

The complete article is at The Daily Caller.


CAJ note: The Senate was in session for 305 days (from 1/3/2005 to 1/16/2007) when Senator Obama announced the formation of his exploratory committee.  He announced his candidacy for the presidency of the United States in Springfield, IL, on 10 February 2007, serving as a Senator from 1/3/2005 to 1/20/2009.



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