Did CBS exercise 'creative editing' with Ted Cruz's remarks on 'Face the Nation' this morning?

UGH: CBS Face the Nation cuts out RED MEAT portion of Ted Cruz interview, exposing OBAMA’S ABUSE OF POWER

The Right Scoop

This morning on CBS’s Face the Nation, hosted by Bob Schieffer, almost a full minute from Ted Cruz’s interview, where he went after the president for his abuses of power, were completely cut from the interview. It looked rather abrupt when it happened and was fairly clear they edited the interview, but host Bob Schieffer never mentioned it nor apologized for it to the viewers which is pretty irresponsible to those watching it live or DVR’ing it.

They did however put the clip online…

…I’m not a news producer but it seems to me the least CBS News could have done was alert this omission to the viewers and direct them to watch the full interview on their website. But they did not and that is shameful. They clearly didn’t like the topic Cruz brought up of Obama’s abuses of power and by not alerting the viewer, they prove their bias in the matter.

And for those of you who argue ‘they put it online’ for people to see, that is true. However they didn’t make it easy for even online viewers to find it. On the front page of Face the Nation the link to the interview as it was broadcast, not the full interview. One would have to dig into their video archive to find the actual full interview, I suppose, because it was sent to me. But when I looked I couldn’t even find it. Once again, shameful.


Watch the complete interview at The Right Scoop.



H/T The Gateway Pundit: “Brilliant. No wonder they hate him so much.”



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