Did Gloria Allred smear Herman Cain to promote new trial court show?

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At this point, the Herman Cain sexual harassment circus has expanded too far beyond three ring capacity to adequately cover it without giving up my day job. Suffice it to say, having a sexual harassment allegation against Cain has basically become the new “reality show emotional meltdown” in that it guarantees attention whores at least three days of unwarranted media coverage and at least one million dollar People Magazinephoto shoot. Expect a Kardashian to claim to have been felt up in a car any day now.

But speaking of reality shows, it turns out that Gloria Allred, the woman who organized the much-anticipated Herman Cain Accuser Press Conference earlier this week, out of her own personal charity and deep, unquenchable desire to see justice done, has TOTALLY UNRELATEDLY just launched one.

How incredibly convenient

…The show reportedly features Gloria Allred, billed as a “communicator with a heart” in the press release announcing the show, as a more-heavily-make-upped version of herself….

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