Did Hillary Clinton Take a Shot at Obama’s Massive Deficit Spending?

Freedom’s Lighthouse

Did Hillary Clinton take a shot at President Obama’s massive deficit spending policies?

Here is interesting video of Obama’s Secretary of State answering a question about the danger posed to the United States by the enormous debt we now have. She said “our rising debt poses a National Security threat.” Clinton was very frank in saying it “is very troubling to me,” and that it not only makes it difficult for us to “chart our own destiny,” but that it also “projects weakness internationally,” taking away the “leverage” needed to get other nations to do what the U.S. desires.

Obama’s massive Stimulus boondoggle, and his passage of ObamaCare leave the United States in an increasingly weak position as far as the eye can see when it comes to debt. Hillary Clinton is right to be concerned about it. We all should be. I’m just surprised she was so direct about it.

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