Did Richard Grenell choose to resign post in Romney campaign simply because he wanted to keep his private life private?

B. Daniel Blatt

In most, but fortunately not all coverage of what John Podhoretz dubbed L’Affaire Grenell, various pundits and pontificators have attempted to discern some anti-gay prejudice or crass pusillanimity within the Republican Party in general and the Romney campaign in particular.

In doing so, most lose sight of the basic facts of the situation which, Jennifer Rubin who first broke the story,reported in her last update to her post on the matter:

Right Turn has learned from multiple sources that the senior officials from the Romney campaign and respected Republicans not on the campaign contacted Ric Grenell over the weekend in an attempt to persuade him not to leave the campaign. Those were unsuccessful.

Despite social conservatives’ criticism of the appointment, the Romney team wanted to keep Grenell on board.

It seems that the real reason Grenell stepped down was the one he articulated in his statement…

Read the rest of the article at GayPatriot.

Also at the site, HRC & DNC choose silence in response to anti-Christian rhetoric

…Romney didn’t capitulate to the demands of extremist anti-gay groups. Indeed, he defied them, dispatching aides and top Republicans to persuade Grenell to stay on board.

Oh, and, while I was at HRC’s site, I decided to check and see what they had to say about Dan Savage’s mean-spirited rhetoric and could find nothing. Seems silence in response to anti-Christian rhetoric is an option for HRC — and the Democratic Party…

UpdateTwo Takeaways from Grenell Matter:Gay man faults Obama’s “weak leadership on the world stage”& his sexuality was a non-issue to Romney team

Skeptical that Romney campaign kept Grenell “under wraps”

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