Did the NYPD Police Commissioner Meet with George Soros?

Buck Sexton
The Blaze

Did the most powerful police commissioner in America have a secret meeting with leftist financier George Soros?

Len Levitt, the police journalist and blogger behind NYPD Confidential, claims in a piece on HuffPo that Soros scored a clandestine conference with Kelly at One Police Plaza, the NYPD’s headquarters, just last week…

…Soros’s face-to-face with Ray Kelly comes amidst accusation that the Open Society Institute has been a key source of funds for Occupy Wall Street. Reuters even published a story on the connection, which led to widespread outrage in the mainstream press.

Soros’s people of course vehemently deny the accusation and claim no involvement in OWS. Reuters later retracted…

Read the complete article at The Blaze.

RelatedEXCLUSIVE: Email from Lisa Fithian to #OccupyWallStreet Confirms ACORN Role in Occupy’s Next Assault on Banks

…Meanwhile, Fithian is at the core of Occupy itself, urging activists to join the New Bottom Line, whose webpage reveals a variety of ACORN-style demonstrations and “direct actions” across the country.

The chosen date for the financial protest, Nov. 5, is known in the British Commonwealth as Guy Fawkes Day, named to commemorate the failure of the man who had attempted to blow up Parliament and thereby assassinate King James I four hundred years ago.

Guy Fawkes has become a symbol of the Occupy demonstrations and the Anonymous hacker collective–hence the near-ubiquitous Guy Fawkes (“V for Vendetta“) masks at protests.

The involvement of ACORN’s successors in the Occupy movement is yet another sign of the true, radical nature of the demonstrations.

Given President Barack Obama’s past links to ACORN, the fact that ACORN is playing so large a role in continuing Occupy protests raises questions about whether Occupy enjoys a level of political protection far higher than the local politicians who recently pressured the owners of Zuccotti Park not to clear out the demonstrators.

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