DNC admits to paying $500,000 for ads defending Ben Nelson’s position on health care bill

by John Aravosis
AMERICAblog News

Joe reported yesterday that a series of pro- Ben Nelson ads have been running in Nebraska over the last month. Ads touting how Ben Nelson stood up to those evil forces in Washington who wanted a “government takeover” of health care (he means the “public option,” that he helped kill). Joe was wondering where the Nebraska Democratic party got the money to run these expensive ads. Then he found his answer – the DNC, and you.

Markos has more:

Who gave the cash to the Nebraska Democratic Party [for the ads]? Well, if you’ve donated to the Democratic National Committee this cycle, you did.

That’s right, the Democratic Party paid for ads attacking health care reform, for an incumbent senator who isn’t even up for reelection until 2012, and for a senator who has made it his life mission to stymie every significant item in the Obama/Democratic agenda. The same Ben Nelson that fought hard to include regressive anti-choice language in the Senate bill, backing off only when Democrats agreed to pay him off with $100 million for Nebraska’s Medicaid expansion.

This is the same Ben Nelson that cut $60 billion in school reconstruction funds in last year’s stimulus plan, and the same Ben Nelson that has signed on to the odious Murkowski amendment that would prevent the EPA from regulating greenhouse gasses. And of course, the same Ben Nelson that stripped the health care reform bill of any meaningful cost constraints.

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