DNC ‘seminar caller’ campaign to hijack talk radio fails miserably

Kathy Shaidle
Conservative Politics Examiner

On Friday, Matthew Vadum and I told you about “On the Air,” a new astroturfing project from Obama Organizing for America, the activist wing of the DNC.

Volunteers were supposed to go to the “On the Air” website, then follow instructions on how to listen to the radio and dial the phone (I’m serious). The plan was to flood conservative talk radio shows with so-called “seminar callers,” who would squeeze as many leftist talking points as they could onto the airwaves before they were inevitably hung up on.

Yep, following Air America’s crash and burn, that is what passes for “liberal talk radio” these days! It’s pathetic and parasitical, and not surprisingly, Operation”On the Air” was an impotent failure.

Once again, I’m forced to wonder why so-called “progressives” insist on clinging to old, worn out tactics that simply don’t work (see “boycotts“).

Ms. Shaidle’s article continues at the Examiner.

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