Do you buy this?

Over at Glenn Reynolds and his reader Kevin Greene have this to say:

SEPTEMBER 17, 2009
LOSING IT: Nancy Pelosi chokes up about political violence, doesn’t mention Ken Gladney [a black conservative in St. Louis who was badly beaten outside a town hall meeting there last month by SEIU members]. “Pelosi wants to silence opposition since she cannot out-argue it, and her implied reference to the murders of Milk and Moscone as somehow comparable to political opposition to the Obama administration is flat-out despicable.” And desperate.

UPDATE: Reader Kevin Greene writes:
It should be noted that Harvey Milk and San Francisco Mayor George Moscone were not killed by a constituent angry about unfair laws they passed.

They were assassinated by a fellow Democrat politician- city councilman Dan White, who resigned complaining about his low government salary and angry that Moscone wouldn’t reappoint him to his hack job.

If Pelosi is afraid … she must be afraid of her own fellow politicians in the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives.

Or maybe hotheads from the SEIU. Which would make sense, given the Gladney experience. . . .

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Speaker Pelosi didn’t rise to the number three position in our government by being afraid of anything or anyone.

H/T to Michael Graham at The Natural Truth.

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