Do You Have a Plan?

Don from Madison
Chicago Boyz

Today’s (admittedly minor) earthquake in the DC area reminded me that I need to get my emergency plans in order once again. I have let things slip a bit.

I always try to have a plan with the wife to evacuate to a certain place. In the past it was to a meeting place in the Dells. Now it is at our farm property.

I have to admit, learning how to run a farm has given me a feeling of freedom. It is in a pretty out of the way place, somewhere that not many people would think of going. We have a backup generator and are on a well, so clean water for our animals (and us) is no problem. We have a ton of hay stacked up at all times so we would be able to make it through winter if the animals were not able to be on pasture. My garden harvest this year was spectacular and I now have enough canned vegetables to last a very long time. We always have plenty of chicken food around so eggs are always in abundance. We are pretty good to go, as long as the farm can be defended. I imagine we are good enough friends by now with most of the local farmers that this will not be an issue. We have helped farmers with donations of hay when they have run short and that has helped form a bond with a lot of the local ag coummunity. Everyone has guns and ammo and I assume if the sh1t hits the fan, we would all bond and help each other by sharing the wealth.

But most people don’t have this opportunity. What is your plan if you live in a high rise in New York and an earthquake hits? Do you at least have fresh water and food available for a week? A heat source if it happens in winter? Do you have a way to defend yourself and your family? Do you have a meeting place in the chance that the cell networks go down and the kids are at school and you and your mate are at work?

I think it imperative that everyone have at least a very basic plan in place. You can get food and fresh water survival packs from Amazon that will last you weeks if needed. Have a plan of some sort to unite with your loved ones if there is a major natural disaster or act of terrorism. Plan ahead. Review the plan every year or two.

Update: Earthquake Proves NYC is not Prepared for Natural Disasters, at

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