DOD and State Sued for Congressional Benghazi Briefing Records

Tom Fitton
Big Peace
9 Jun 2014

Judicial Watch uncovered the most significant and explosive details yet related to the Obama administration’s Benghazi scandal.

Judicial Watch continues to pepper the administration with Freedom of Information (FOIA) requests (and lawsuits when necessary) to shake loose as many Benghazi-related records as possible because it has been nearly two years since the deadly terrorist attack on the mission compound at Benghazi, and more questions than answers remain.

It is unknown what information was provided by the Obama administration to the members of the Senate and House leadership and the leadership of the intelligence committees–or whether certain members of Congress were in on the “cover-up.”

This information is at the center of a new Judicial Watch investigation…

…JW is after this information because there remains unanswered a fundamental question related to the Benghazi attacks: Why was Ambassador Chris Stevens at the Special Mission Compound to begin with? …



The complete article is at Big Peace.




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