Don’t Let Old Bulls Run House Appropriations Committee

Glen Reynolds

WASHINGTON EXAMINER: Don’t Let Old Bulls Run House Appropriations Committee. “House Speaker-in-waiting John Boehner of Ohio is making critically important decisions this week that will go far toward determining whether his tenure as Nancy Pelosi’s successor is marked by reform and progress or rebellion and lost opportunities. None of those decisions is more critical than who he backs as the new Republican committee chairmen in the House of Representatives. If he opts for a conventional approach that allows seniority to determine chairmanships, Boehner will seriously damage his credibility with voters who made crystal clear their demand for a new approach in Congress. . . . The best choice for Appropriations would be Rep. Jack Kingston of Georgia, who has pushed House Republicans to reform earmarks for years and was the principal backer of the GOP caucus’ current moratorium on them.”

H/T B. Daniel Blatt of GayPatriot, “Boehner’s first test: picking Chair of Appropriations Committee.”

Also at the Examiner, Memo to McConnell: Earmarks must end

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