Donna Brazile and the Bitter Realities of Obamacare

Turns out her premiums are going up. Who knew?

Ryan James Girdusky
The American Spectator

On February 27, political strategist Donna Brazile’s Twitter feed became a conservative dream come true: a Democrat facing the reality of government regulation. Brazile has been one of President Obama’s strongest advocates and supporters, especially regarding Obamacare. She tweeted last March:

Screen Shot 2013-03-03 at 9.10.42 PM


She even went as far as calling opponents of Obamacare “intolerant.” But now the reality of government regulation in the private marketplace hasn’t gone the way Ms. Brazile had hoped:



There may not be a good answer for her, but there is a correct one: Obamacare. Healthcare premiums increased 9% in 2011 and are expected to increase by 6% in 2013. A loyal Democrat, however, never lets math or economics get in the way of ideology…

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