Double standards and an imbecile media

Melanie Phillips
The Spectator [UK]
16th February 2011

Egypt is now under a military dictatorship once again with precious little prospect of true democratic reform or human rights. It has also been reported that an Islamist theocratic fanatic has been appointed to head Egypt’s Constitutional Committee. So much for all those hailing the fall of Mubarak as the brave new dawn of freedom. Moreover, those who thought that the protesters in Tahrir Square were all enthusiasts for human rights – even though Egypt is one of the most hysterically Judeophobic countries on the planet and where polls suggest that most of the population support rule by sharia — should read here what happened to CBS reporter Lara Logan who was covering the fall of Mubarak last Friday…

…for the media, the story line of ‘evil dictator overthrown by freedom-loving individuals on Twitter and Facebook’ is still barely dented. Look at this interview on NBC with the British historian (now at Harvard) Professor Niall Ferguson – who has written a blistering piece in Newsweek about Obama’s flip-flop debacle in Egypt. After the NBC interviewer jaw-droppingly asserted that the uprising in Egypt had

‘gone pretty damn well’

and that Obama’s (in Ferguson’s term) ‘flip- flop’ approach

‘seems to have worked’

Ferguson contemptuously blew her out of the water…

Read the whole thing at The Spectator.

Update: From Iran this week…

Iran – 14 Feb 2011, Regime MP’s in Parliament Chant [opposition leaders] “Musavi & Karobi Should be Executed”, 14/02/2011

Iran – 14 Feb 2011, “Free Political Prisoners” Protestors Chant in Tehran Near Enghelab, 14/02/2011

Both videos from YouTube account TelLieVision1.

Also, ABC Journalist Beaten, And At Least One Is Killed As Protests In Bahrain Turn Violent

Update:  Iranian Bloggers Propose Resuming The Anti-Regime “Green Movement” at Founding Bloggers

Update 2: Babalu Blog [with video], Oh My! And In “British”, No Less

Ziva commented in my previous post: “The Obama administration, all of them, are in so far over their heads it is beyond painful and embarrassing to watch. It puts us all at risk.”

Dinesh D’Souza’s recent book maps out Obama’s ‘problem’ with the British, and what’s really behind it. It’s just stunning to me that in the last 2+ years the strongest pro-American, anti-Obama voices we hear have a British accent.

Common American Journal welcomes readers from Blazing Cat Fur , where questions about Eqypt’s population are pondered.

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