'Driving while Kennedy'

RFK jr – If my sister goes to jail for drunk driving it could have dire global implications


I think they should put RFKjr in jail for being drunk too.

What the heck is he talking about?

NY Post –

He argued that political agitators all over the world could be locked up and tortured if his sister, 54, is convicted in Westchester County for being hell on wheels. Africans might be tormented or killed for being gay…





The Kennedys can do whatever the frig they want because they are so important…



Read the whole thing at iOwnTheWorld.



Related:  From Britain’s Daily Mail:

Kerry Kennedy, worried about travel restriction, willing to plead guilty to leaving accident scene in drugged-driving deal

Kerry Kennedy ‘set to admit leaving the scene of an accident so she avoids drug charge over car crash’

Update: Kennedy wasted no time playing the ‘Daddy’ card

…As if jurors needed yet another reminder that a member of the American royal family was slumming right in front of their eyes…




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