Dude, like, Benjamin Franklin, like, wasn’t a U.S. President…

U.C. Berkeley: Mecca to Liberal Idiots
by Steven Crowder

I’ve got to admit that I set out to create this video expecting the finished product to be nothing more than tomfoolery as per usual. When I sat down to review the final version however, I realized just how sad/scary this is. These people are our future. They’ll be building our airplanes, teaching in our schools and possibly… running our country. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t trust 90% of these kids with a pair of scissors. All of this begs the question: how did they get into Berkeley? More importantly, what the heck are they teaching over there? (Note: No, I do not actually think that George W. Bush was a war criminal. Even though I was undercover, I felt dirty just wearing the shirt.)

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