Earth Day? No thanks, I already have a religion

Jenn Sierra
Ft. Hard Knox

I am a conservationist, when it comes to our natural resources. I think it’s important to protect, preserve, and restore as much as possible our air, water, soil, forests, wildlife, etc.. I’m even for common-sense recycling, to keep from eventually turning our entire continent into a garbage landfill. As a Christian, I believe in practicing good stewardship of the earth.

But I will not be participating in the corporate self-flagellation festivities known as “Earth Day/Earth Week.”

This bizarre holiday was started in the 70’s, when everyone was worried that our exhaust fumes and hair spray were bringing on the next ice age. As reality collided with propaganda, and the earth actually started warming up, believers jumped on the global warming bandwagon. Now that truth has inconveniently reared it’s head again, revealing that the earth is once again in a cooling cycle, and sustainability devotees have decided to admit that “climate change,” happens, and simply focus on trying to seize control the fact that it causes populations to migrate. Whether the earth is warming or cooling, and whether or not this is a good or bad thing, we are assured that it is a crisis, and that we must demonstrate our reverence for the scientific consensus of the day, and faithfully teach our children to unquestioningly cooperate and comply with the latest eco-chic trends – whatever they are this week.

Sorry. You can keep your tips for “going green,” (I do that on St. Paddy’s Day every year), and your corporate organizer ideas for one day or one week of environmental responsibility (give me a break!). I’m planning to leave my lights on during earth hour – partly because I don’t like the dark, and partly because I think the idea of a voluntary city-wide brownout is the single stupidist (I know – that’s not a word – I’m demonstrating just how “stupid” I think this is) thing I’ve heard so far (riots, anyone?).

See, I think part of the appeal of the celebration of “Earth Day,” is that it promotes good works, but encourages everyone to focus inward, rather than outward. I mean, who doesn’t love themselves, and who wouldn’t want to demonstrate that love by doing something good once a year for the planet you live on, right? Especially, if you get to choose what it is that you do for the earth. Also, a self-directed demonstrated commitment to environmentalism really works for anyone or any group of people who want to demonstrate their goodness, and morality while not having to deal with the hassle of being accountable to anyone other than themselves. The whole concept is extremely narcissistic. It’s all about worship of the creation – not the Creator.

So, no, thanks. Stop the Earth Day, I want off.

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