Ecuadoran court hits Chevron with record judgment

Carol Greenberg
Conservative Outlooks

Please see my previous posts on this subject, each will link back to the previous. In the last installment the Ecuadoran plaintiffs had hired a new high-powered attorney. Chevron reacted by filing RICO charges against dozens of people and companies in this corruption, collusion-filled 18 year old lawsuit. FYI the  alleged “corruption” is on the side of the Ecuadoran plaintiffs, courts and attorneys and witnesses.

On Monday, Feb. 14 an Ecuadoran judge ordered Chevron to pay a record judgment of $8.6 billion to clean up contamination in the Ecuadoran jungle from Texaco, which it purchased in 2001 and inherited the case. The lawsuit by Ecuadoran Indians has been going on for almost two decades and has been filled with drama, to say the least.

The judge even ordered Chevron to “apologize” within 15 days or he would double the fine. It is believed to be the largest fine ever leveled in an environmental case. This suit has jumped the Atlantic Ocean numerous times, playing out in both the U.S. and in Ecuador.

Chevron has no assets in Ecuador which will make it extremely difficult to collect the judgment unless a U.S. court intervenes. Chevron denies no responsibility for the pollution and vows to fight any attempt to seize its assets overseas.

The finding for the plaintiffs was no surprise to Chevron or this writer, who has been following the suit for quite some time. Chevron says it will appeal the case, won’t pay the fine or apologize. From the Wall Street Journal:

“We believe it to be illegitimate and unenforceable,” Chevron spokesman Kent Robertson said. “It’s the product of fraud, and it’s contrary to the legitimate scientific evidence.”

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