Ed Schultz, David Shuster use shows on MSNBC to attack OK senator for criticizing Obama, suggesting he threatens safety

MSNBC Hosts: Inhofe’s Obama Criticism Raises Risk of ‘Crazy’ Person ‘Taking Out the President’

By Jeff Poor
Business & Media Institute

He has been a voice in the wilderness for global warming realists, but now that he’s taking on other issues put forth by President Barack Obama, some on the left’s network, MSNBC, are suggesting Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., is putting the president’s life at risk.

Throughout the day of Sept. 3 on MSNBC, the place for liberal politics, a report from the Sept. 2 Tulsa World by Randy Krehbiel was cited and it was suggested Inhofe had gone too far with his criticism of Obama. Both MSNBC hosts David Shuster and Ed Schultz condemned Inhofe’s comments that were very unfavorable toward the president’s policies.

“I have never seen so many things happening at one time so disheartening to America.” Inhofe said, according to the World.

That remark and others including his thoughts on global warming and his disappointment in that he thinks Obama “is obsessed with turning terrorists loose in America” inspired an angry Schultz to dedicate the opening segment of his Sept. 3 MSNBC show to attacking Inhofe.

“You know, I don’t have to tell fair-minded, thinking Americans that this truly is psycho talk, but it’s really more than that folks – it’s really irresponsible,” Schultz said. “When an elected lawmaker, a senator who has served this country for many years, says things like this to his constituents, you know that it does? It opens up the floodgates to these crazies that show up at town hall meetings. This is doomsday talk. How constructive is this? It’s not – an elected senator is talking about survival, and people are bringing guns to town hall meetings to see the president. These things, in my opinion, they are very connected. The sound culture of America plays and it plays hard. The repetitive messaging is working on some, let’s say, lesser challenged news consumers.”

Shuster took a similar tact earlier in the day. In an interview with Krehbiel on Sept. 3, Shuster asked the World reporter if Inhofe had increased the risk of Obama being killed.

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