Egypt’s Revolution Robbed

Walid Shoebat

As the stage at Tahrir Square was set for the Friday Day of Victory to commemorate Egypt’s revolution, Wael Ghoneim – the mastermind youth behind the revolution – was set to speak when suddenly his speech was hijacked by guards forcing him to leave, hiding his face with the Egyptian flag. Rumors have been spreading throughout the Middle East that regard Wael Ghoneim as “member of Masonic Lodge”, “imperialist” and an “American agent”.

So who were these thugs that hijacked the voices of the youth…twitter and facebook?

It was the guards of none other than terror supporter and international liaison of the Muslim Brotherhood—the exiled Sheikh Yousef Al-Qaradawi.

Yes, you heard it right.

The grand opportunist like a thief in the night and in broad daylight bullied his way to address a million Egyptians, urging them to “Protect the revolution and don’t you dare let anyone steal it from you.” Except for him, of course, promising that soon he “will pray on the Jerusalem Al-Aqsa (Temple Mount)” not as a pilgrimage since visiting it is a “shame” and “forbidden by Sharia” so long as Israel exists…

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