Egypt shuts down Al Jazeera bureau

Rick Moran
American Thinker

Sort of a good news-bad news scenario. Evidently, the Egyptian people had been tapping into the AJ reporting on the revolt and the authorities figured out that what was being disseminated was not helpful to the regime.

Interesting to read AJ live blogging events. They have been on top of just about everything that has been going on all over the country. And their sources inside the Egyptian government are far superior to anything the west has to offer.

For instance, AJ is reporting today:

3 pm: Al Jazeera’s producer in Egypt says reports are circulating that the country’s interior minister has been arrested by the army.

If true – and like most Arab news outlets the publishing of rumors and scuttlebutt is not unknown – that might indicate a clear path to power for the army. The Interior Minister is in charge of the thug police who apparently are doing almost all of the shooting that have killed at least 102 people in the last 2 days. Then again, it may just be wishful thinking.

Now, AJ’s bureau in Cairo has been shuttered and their reporters are no longer accredited

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