Elizabeth Warren in 1996: I want to ‘win a contest that has nothing to do with brains’

Charles C. Johnson
The Daily Caller

Massachusetts Democrat Elizabeth Warren, who has made her stated desire for a “level playing field” the cornerstone of her Senatorial campaign, once said she longed to win a contest on the basis of her beauty, physical attributes, and other criteria “unrelated to smarts” — including “knowing someone who can fix the outcome.”

In what may have been a botched attempt at humor, Warren, then a tenured Harvard Law School professor, answered a question put to her for the “Spotlight,” a 1996 Harvard Law School yearbook feature designed to profile a professor in greater depth.

“What is the one thing you have never done but always hoped to do?” the unnamed interviewer asked.

“Win a contest that has nothing to do with brains,” Warren responded. “I want to win something because of beauty, luck, physical skills, height, knowing someone who can fix the outcome — something unrelated to smarts.”…

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