‘Energy czar’ Carol Browner leaving the White House

Ogabe’s enviro-freak Energy “czar” Browner to be axed, position to be eliminated

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Another one under the bus.

…Carol Browner is leaving her position as White House “energy czar,” and a staff shake-up is likely to eliminate her post altogether, according to Democrats familiar with events…

Carol Browner: victim of the reelection pivot strategy. With Billy Jeff, it was a lot easier for the electorate to swallow since he his ideological basis was always pretty soft to begin with. Bill is and was a babes and good times kinda guy, any ideology was strictly eyewash for scoring hot leftist babes.

If you’re trying to convince businesses you’re not completely hostile towards them, and maybe they should hire more people, this is nice gesture by Obama, but it comes long after the horse has left the barn. Nobody is going to respond to gestures and B.S. anymore like they did two years ago. They’ll want something more substantial than the sacking of some ridiculous czar…

The article continues, with video, at Ace of Spades HQ

Update: At Emerging Corruption a scathing article, The Horrid Ms. Browner

CAJ note: Is it that we are “fatigued and paranoid,” or does anyone else have the sinking feeling this is just a shell game? Browner may be out, but Van Jones has access to $40 billion of our tax dollars. And the President surely knows other Socialists, and what the British call “watermelons”: green on the outside, red on the inside… Will we discover all of this is true say, oh, around Thanksgiving 2012?

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