Enthusiasm Deficit?

Glenn Reynolds

ENTHUSIASM: Obama’s Biggest Donors Aren’t Coughing Up For Inauguration: Only 14 of the president’s 400-plus campaign bundlers have written a check.

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And, via The GatewayPundit:

‘They’re starting to seriously worry’: Concern growing about low turnout at Obama inauguration

Thank goodness for the British media!

Though Jim Hoft can see the bright side of a lower turnout:

obama fans2


From the comments section at GP:

#1 January 6, 2013 at 5:24 pm
Zubi commented:
Don’t worry Trumpka will bus paid sheep into the city for the festivities. The union bosses will fill the hotels courtesy the rank and file. I am sure millions will be on hand, just ask the main stream media on the day.



Update: But they never lose their passion for a boycott. That’s how they roll: Leftists Initiate Boycotts Against NRA-Discounting Hotels

Constitutional rights for me, but not for thee.

Update 2: Don’t forget to bring photo ID to Obama’s inauguration; Also, expect searches, sharpshooters


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