EPA chief under fire for insulting a gift from Native Alaskan tribes

Michael Bastasch
The Daily Caller

Alaskans are not letting Environmental Protection Agency administrator Gina McCarthy forget that she said a gift she received from the state’s Native tribes “could gag a maggot.”

Although the comments were made to reporters weeks ago, the fallout continues.

“This is not coming from some random bureaucrat who’s never been to Alaska, this was from a cabinet secretary,” said Alaska Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski.

“What is more part of our culture than the foods that our Alaska Native peoples eat, whether it is moose or whether it is salmon?” Murkowski added. “Sometimes smoked salmon doesn’t smell that appealing to other people, but it is a rich resource for us and it just demonstrates, again, a lack of understanding — it was an unforgivable statement, I think.”

“Gina McCarthy’s words sound like they come from someone who has contempt for, rather than an appreciation of the rich customary traditions of Alaska’s people,” said Alaska Republican Rep. Don Young in a statement…



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