'EPA Concedes: We Can’t Produce All the Data Justifying Clean Air Rules'

Jeff G.
Protein Wisdom

Because saying “we lied, and it worked, and now we control just about every aspect of the progressive plan to ‘de-grow’ the private sector,” is just a bit too candid.  CNS NEWS:

Seven months after being subpoenaed by Congress, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Gina McCarthy conceded that her agency does not have –  and cannot produce – all of the scientific data used for decades to justify numerous rules and regulations under the Clean Air Act.

In a March 7th letter to House Science, Space and Technology Committee chairman Lamar Smith (R-Tex.), McCarthy admitted that EPA cannot produce all of the original data from the 1993 Harvard Six Cities Study (HSC) and the American Cancer Society’s (ACS) 1995 Cancer Prevention Study II, which is currently housed at New York University.

Both studies concluded that fine airborne particles measuring 2.5 micrograms or less (PM2.5) – 1/30th the diameter of a human hair – are killing thousands of Americans every year.

These epidemiological studies are cited by EPA as the scientific foundation for clean air regulations that restrict particulate emissions from vehicles, power plants and factories…

…Congress is expected to review the bill this summer, and it’s something that we as conservatives and classical liberals should make sure gets passed by a unified GOP vote in the House; and then if Harry Reid tries to stop it, the GOP — and in particular, those Visigothic Hobbit types who have been calling upon Congress to rein in the EPA, which has become one of the enforcement arms of the progressive march through our institutions — should hit them hard with their own tactics, talking about the need for “transparency” and then citing the two new studies as the prevailing “settled science” showing that the EPA used bogus studies to justify its onerous, job killing regulations for over 2 decades.

This also dovetails nicely with one of Mark Levin’s liberty amendments, which would allow states to vote to overturn economically burdensome regulations…



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…This action will set back economic growth, involve significant “behavioural change” and “devalue fossil fuel assets”, the report admits. But only with “major institutional and technological changes” can the world avert an even greater threat. If no action is taken, it warns, temperatures may rise by as much as 4.8 degrees C by 2100.

“There is a clear message from science: to avoid dangerous interference with the climate system we need to move away from business as usual,” said Germany’s Otmar Edenhofer, one of the three co-chairs of the report…



Update: Regulator Without Peer. By at least one measure, Obama surpasses all of his predecessors.

…Washington set a new record in 2013 by issuing final rules consuming 26,417 pages in the Federal Register. While plenty of government employees deserve credit for this milestone, leadership matters. And by this measure President Obama has never been surpassed in the Oval Office…



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