EPA’s Texas Takeover; Interior Department ‘Protects’ Utah’s ‘Wildlands’

EPA’s Texas Takeover…the last hope of a free republic

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Randy Dye

Texas is one of 3 states that has the legal right of secession in the Untied States.  I think the US needs Texas alot more than Texas needs DC. —Randy’s Right

The American: The Journal of the American Enterprise Institute:

As Gabriel Nelson of Greenwire reports, the EPA has taken one step closer to stripping the state of Texas of the right to determine how it wants to control air pollution. The EPA has given TX final warning that if they do not implement new requirements for the regulation of greenhouse gases (which several states have challenged in court), the EPA will take over the authority to grant operating permits to industry in Texas itself.

Texas Governor Perry is fighting the takeover, of course, but EPA has rarely been faced down in court. The action, which is nearly unprecedented in the history of the Clean Air Act suggests that rather than backing down on EPA’s regulatory putsch, the Obama Administration plans to double down and run the country as a permitocracy.

EPA’s threat letter is here.

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Read also: ‘Wildlands’ decree could affect 6 million acres in Utah

Washington • Interior Department Secretary Ken Salazar announced plans Thursday to allow land managers to designate swaths of public land as “wildlands” and protect them, essentially setting aside a 2003 agreement negotiated by then-Utah Gov. Mike Leavitt that had taken away that authority.

Salazar issued an order allowing Bureau of Land Management officials to place public lands with wilderness characteristics in a new category that offers more protection. Some 6 million acres in Utah could be affected.

The move earned a quick rebuke by conservative lawmakers, with Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, calling it a “brazen” move to “kowtow to radical environmental groups.”

Gov. Gary Herbert was so ticked off by Salazar’s announcement, he phoned BLM Administrator Bob Abbey to rail against what the governor calls “political posturing.”

“This decision may unintentionally damage all of the goodwill that we have worked so hard to build between the state, local governments, the environmental community and federal officials,” Herbert said.

Rep. Rob Bishop, R-Utah, who will chair a subcommittee on public lands, said the new policy is simply a present to far-left extremists…

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