Erik Loomis, University of Rhode Island History Professor, Calls for ‘Decades-Long Fight to the Death’ Against Conservatives

Donald Douglas
American Power Blog

Here’s some more of that highly-touted Democrat-progressive civility for you.

Professor Loomis, writing at the progressive hate-blog Lawyers, Guns and Money, links to a crappy Rolling Stone essay by Rick Perlstein, “Why Conservatives Are Still Crazy After All These Years.”

Perlstein is mostly making stuff up at the piece, like his claim that GOP debate audiences cheered “an active-duty soldier because he is gay.” (Florida blogger Sarah Rumpf was at that debate, and it was in fact just “one or two people” who booed, “The Truth About the Booing at the Debate.”) No matter. Perlstein’s goes on and on like that at the essay, making the meaningless argument that “whackadoodle far-right” Republicans are just as crazy today as they’ve ever been, blah, blah.

And of course Professor Airhead Loomis eats it up at LGM, concluding his post with an exhortation to prepare for Armageddon against the right:

The difference between 2012 and 1962 isn’t that conservatives are crazier, it’s that liberals are far weaker and thus it is much harder to fight back. Perlstein also pushes back against the idea developed by people like Jonathan Chait that the demographics suggest a more liberal future, suggesting that this is just another argument liberals have made for a half-century without it ever really happening.

The upshot: We have to prepare for a decades-long fight to the death. That’s the nation’s only hope…

The article continues at American Power.

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