Even MSNBC Stunned At Obama’s Anti Republican Rant During Shooting Crisis

The Ulsterman Report

Yesterday I shared [Republican Insider’s] update regarding how many in Washington D.C. were stunned, shocked, “pissed off” at the hyper-partisan speech Barack Obama read to the media at a time when the country still wasn’t sure if we were looking at another potential terrorist attack. This morning, MSNBC’s Morning Joe program shared similar views against Barack Obama’s poorly timed and horribly divisive words, even hinting that perhaps Obama simply reads what is put in front of him without little to no understanding of context. (Something many of you have known for quite some time) The clip here certainly supports what Republican Insider stated yesterday – that even some Democrats were critical of the president’s tactless performance at a time of still developing crisis.

“I’ll say it again. These people are sick.” -Republican Insider


Watch the video at The Ulsterman Report.




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…it appears instead of trying to allow citizen journalists to find out MORE on the alleged shooter, someone with the power to do so, is ensuring that job becomes increasingly difficult…



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