‘Everything I love about teaching is extinct.’

Teacher resigns in scathing YouTube video targeting standardized education

Jonathon M. Seidl
The Blaze

…Last week, 15-year teaching veteran Ellie Rubenstein posted a 10-minute YouTube video where she decried the state of test-centric eduction after the district she was working in said it was going to be transferring her and several other teachers– a move she says came because those teachers were vocal about their issues and one she says the district has attributed to concerns over the school’s “poor climate.”

“This is a total kangaroo court, a retaliation against four teachers who are quite vocal in advocating for their children,” Rubenstein said in an interview last week. “We are at the forefront of speaking our minds and at the forefront of advocating for our students. We are all being falsely accused by the administration and some colleagues of doing things we have never done, and saying things we have never said.”…



Read the complete article at The Blaze.

For more background, you can read the Chicago Sun-Times article here.


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The American Civil Liberties Union is battling an Ohio school district’s “controversial issues policy” that would mandate classroom discussions about creationism and other conservative issues.

Think Progress, however, describes the proposed curriculum additions more bluntly:

“Right-wing conspiracies advanced by Glenn Beck.”

That’s how the site’s recent piece on the issue characterizes push-back against U.N. Agenda 21 and other matters important to conservatives…


Stolen Education, Stolen Children, Stolen Future

…Our children have been manipulated by a pernicious design since before the mid 1800s. Our elected representatives on the state and local level have the ability to restore education according to the intent of the founding of this nation and the will of the people.

What is that going to take? We as parents, grandparents must say our children are NOT animals.

Our children are NOT fodder for experimentation. Our children are OUR CHILDREN and will not be manipulated to love government more than us.

Our children are the future of this great nation and we will NOT surrender our future to ideals and programming that is Anti-American, Anti-God, and Anti-morality.

We should NOT surrender our Children. We need to take back our children, take back their education, and WE TAKE BACK the future of America…


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