Executive Disorder

Bob Mack
Crockett Lives

Fresh off his “No Spiking the Football” tour–during which he spiked the ball at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky and Ground Zero, New York–and enjoying a temporary upward tick in approval ratings thanks to the same Navy SEALS and CIA interrogators his Justice Department is elsewhere threatening to prosecute, Barack Obama is back in Washington itching to veto a few more of our American freedoms. Conn Carroll reports that Senate Republicans believe The Man Who Would Be King will shortly be signing an executive order decreeing the provisions of the Congressionally rejected DISCLOSE Act to be the law of the land:

the order would require all companies that sign contracts with the federal government to report on the personal political activities of their officers and directors.

According to a Congressional Research Service review of Executive Orders over the last 40 years, no White House has ever issued an EO dealing with campaign finance. Signing the DISCLOSE Act EO would be an unprecedented power grab by Obama.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell called Obama’s latest usurpation

“an outrageous and anti-Democratic abuse of executive branch authority. No White House should be able to review your political party affiliation before deciding if you’re worthy of a government contract and no one should have to worry about whether their political support will determine their ability to get or keep a federal contract or keep their job.”

The article continues at Crockett Lives. In it we learn what an executive order is, and is not. The author has also listed executive orders issued by Barack Obama in the past two years. Did you know there are 80…?

At The Wall Street Journal, Hoyer Bucks Obama on Disclosure Plan

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