Executive Orders and Presidential Prerogatives

Zbigniew Mazurak
American Thinker

Some conservatives, including AT news editor Ed Lasky, are worried that despite the election of a Republican-dominated House and six new GOP senators, Obama will continue to advance his extremely liberal agenda — but this time, by executive fiat rather than by congressional law.

Mr Lasky wrote:

He has already received his marching orders from the Center for American Progress (CAP) — called his “Ideas Factory” by TIME and his “Policy Font” by Bloomberg News. After the shellacking, the CAP released a report calling for Obama to rely on increased use of executive powers to push his agenda (and ignore the wishes of the American people and the role of the newly constituted Congress): “Executive orders, Rulemaking, Agency management, Convening and creating public-private partnerships, Commanding the armed forces, Diplomacy.”

As Mr Lasky reported, the CAP’s Michael Waldman has claimed the following:

[L]ike all presidents, he has a bulging toolkit: executive orders, regulations, spending decisions, the bully pulpit and more. Obama has lots of power, and he should wield it[.] …

Consider energy policy, where congressional gridlock seems inevitable, with many conservatives insisting climate change is a myth and taxes are a nightmare. The Center’s experts say Obama could impose a $2-per-barrel fee on imported oil with proceeds steered toward energy research.

Essentially, the CAP has claimed that Obama is an omnipotent king who can issue any edict he wants to on any thematic issue. The good news for America and its people is that the CAP is flat wrong…

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