Expert panel suggests Syrian conflict ends with U.S. subservient to United Nations

Glenn Beck

The Syrian civil war has threatened to pull other nations into a larger, global war for days, and the use of Sarin gas complicates matters even further. The Obama administration claimed there would be consequences if chemical weapons were used, and now evidence suggests they have. But the President and his allies have been hesitant to take action, instead leaning on Congress to approve military action. Today, Russia proposed that Syria turnover their chemical weapons to the international community in order to avoid a conflict. Is this just further evidence of the United States weakening position on the world stage as other nations rise in power? And could the end result see the globe policed by the United Nations?


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…Lieutenant General Jerry Boykin said, “Harold K. Johnson was the Chief of Staff of the Army, and in his memoirs he said his greatest regret was the day he went to the White House to walk in and lay his stars on Lyndon Johnson’s desk and say I quit, and I’m going to the media because you refused to activate the guard reserve and bring all of America into this unpopular war. He got out of his limo, he had a change of heart, and he went back to his office in the Pentagon. And he said he lived to regret that.”

“Now is the time when there are general officers and admirals that need to walk in and lay their star down and say my country means more than my career. Now’s the time, and that will get people’s attention.”…


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