Eyewitness to Scott Brown’s Historic Campaign

by Ryan P. Dixon

When I heard that Brown had been within reaching distance of Coakley, and that Brown would be the 41st vote to stop Obamacare. I got together with a good friend of mine and said “We need to be there.”

Knowing how huge this election was and how important it was to me, we got on the our local radio station last Friday and said “We are going to Massachusetts to defeat Martha Coakley in one of 2010s most important elections. Who is coming?”

Being from California, and with such last minute notice, we didn’t think we could get anyone to come. To our surprise, 6 strangers come forward to help us for an election on the other side of the country. I have created a video blog of what is has been like since we have been here, and what it is like to work on a campaign, to try and make a difference, show people how important it is to be involved in politics, for it is the future of our country.

Tomorrow is a historic election for Senate in Massachusetts.

An election that is going change the United States forever, either for better or worse. If Republican Scott Brown wins it is going to send a message to Washington that the Obama Administration is no longer the invincible power that it once seemed. As it will be the 3rd strike for the Democrats, after losing the Governors’ races in Virginia and New Jersey.

If Martha Coakley wins then the it will be another lobbyist/union-bought-candidate who is out of touch with reality and will be another Democrat that will vote for Obama care. Dramatically changing the health care system in the United States.

I will have updates of the campaign and election throughout the day tomorrow, and more video blogs.

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