Faith and the Rescued Chilean Miners

Janice Shaw Crouse
American Thinker

…There is no question that the Chilean rescue involved expert planning, top-notch engineering, quality equipment, and the ingenious problem-solving of experts from a number of countries around the world. In addition, the miners give appropriate credit to their leaders, who kept them strong emotionally and physically. Villarroel said, “We had a boss … every day he would tell us we had to be strong … we didn’t have hope. Strength comes from internal energy and prayer … I never used to pray, [but] here I learned to pray. I got closer to God.” In fact, Time Magazine reported that the miners often sang hymns and described the atmosphere underground as being like a church service. Jimmy Sanchez, one of the outspoken believers, said, “There are actually 34 of us, because God has never left us down here.” Ultimately, Villarroel and the other rescued Chilean miners recognized — as we must all learn to do — that their fate rested not in human hands or expert plans alone, but in the providence of God. Villarroel surely spoke for the other miners — many fell to their knees in prayer as they came out of the rescue capsule — when he thanked God for a second chance at life. Omar Reygadas clutched his Bible as he exited the rescue capsule, and he knelt in prayer when his feet touched ground. His first words were “God Lives.” …

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