Farage: Margaret Thatcher knew the EU was power without limits


UK Independence party leader Nigel Farage speaks in the European parliament on the day of Margaret Thatchers funeral .



Today The Blaze published excerpts from Prime Minister Thatcher’s books predicting “the EU as we know it.”


An op-ed piece from The Cape Cod Times, Mrs. Thatcher took the long view.

…Margaret Thatcher was not susceptible to fads or fatuous notions. Like a valiant predecessor, Winston Churchill, she became prime minister to a country under siege — not by the barbaric invaders Churchill faced, but by insidious internal decay. Britain in the 1970s was dispirited, wracked by widespread labor strikes and inflation, thought to be suffering irreversible decline. Many of Thatcher’s external and internal opponents believed communism was still ascendant.

Mrs. Thatcher accepted none of those premises. Her commitments to liberty, renewal and Britain’s global role in both were unquenchable…


Update: The transcript of MEP Farage’s speech is at ZeroHedge.




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