Farage: We face the prospect of mass civil unrest, even revolution


The transcript of the speech is included on YouTube.

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Also, Elections see Socialists, Nazis gain power in Europe

…Glenn noted that the scariest element out of the weekend was the election and legitimizing of the Nazi party in Greece. Glenn played audio of the Nazi victors meeting with the press and demanding that they rise and recognize them with the same respect they would other elected officials. The press complied.

“I can’t believe that we’re actually talking about ‑‑ remember that was a crazy conspiracy,” Glenn said.

Yeah, but Fox viewers were told Glenn Beck was just some ranting crazy guy…

UpdateHamas urges French President-elect Hollande to visit Gaza via Atlas Shrugs where Pamela Geller notes, “93% of Muslims voted for new French Socialist President Hollande; Payback Time”

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