FBI Reveals Video, Images of Boston Marathon Bombing Suspects

FBI identifies two suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings, releasing photos and video at a news conference Thursday and is asking public for help in locating them, urging anyone with information to call 1-800-CALL-FBI.


The FBI released images of the pair of suspects believed to be responsible for the bombing attack near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Investigators are asking for the public’s help with any information leading to their whereabouts. The FBI is urging anyone who recognizes the men to call 1-800-CALL-FBI or go to the bureau’s website, FBI.gov.

Suspects 1 and 2 seen walking down Boylston Street towards the finish line.

Suspects 1 and 2 seen walking down Boylston Street towards the finish line.




Source: FBI

Source: FBI


There are more photos of these two men at FoxNews.com


Also at the site, FBI releases video, photos of Boston Marathon bombing suspects

…”We consider them to be extremely dangerous and armed,” said FBI Special Agent Rick DesLauriers. “With the media’s help, we know the public will create a critical role in locating these suspects…

…”Through the last day or so, we developed a single person of interest,” DesLauriers said. “Indeed, though that process we have identified a second suspect. We believe they are associated.”

The second suspect was seen dropping a backpack as both walked single file on Boylston Street, where both of the bombs exploded, DesLauriers said. It is believed that was the second bomb, which went off 12 seconds after the first one, at about 2:50 p.m.

It could not be determined from the photos whether the suspect terrorists were homegrown of foreign, but DesLauriers said the pictures will be distributed internationally.

“Someobody out there knows them as friends, coworkers,” DesLauriers said. “Although it may be difficult, we are counting on those [people] to come forward.”…


UpdateNPR’s counterterrorism correspondent Dina Temple-Raston, telling her radio listeners that the Boston bombers could be right-wing nut jobs inspired by Hitler’s birthday.


Update 2: via Twitter  (H/T Weasel Zippers):

Megyn Kelly @megynkelly
Fox’s @RickLeventhal reports officials knew of Suspect #2 on Tue & have pic of him putting backpk down right nxt to 8-yr-old victim Martin.


Update 3: From today’s inter-faith service in Boston:




Boston University’s remembrance of Lingzi Lu fails to recognize her faith

Lingzi Lu, a graduate student in mathematics and statistics at Boston University, has been identified as one of three dead in Boston’s terror attack. There are stories about her at the Boston Globe, here, and at Boston University’s student newspaper, here. Interestingly, Lingzi Lu not only loved living in Boston, she was enjoying America’s religious freedoms and had participated in a Christian religious retreat, according to the Globe’s article. How ironic, then, that the remembrances for her at Boston University are utterly devoid of the faith that she apparently embraced or was interested in….

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