FDA Approves Plan B for Teens… No Parental Consent Required

Eric Odom

Parental Rights are soon to be a thing of the past. Now, teens are learning there are “fixes” to cover up their poor decisions vs learning to make the right decisions in the first place.

Fox News is reporting the FDA just announced 15 year olds can now buy the “morning after” pill without a prescription. The pill will be available next to the condoms.

The Plan B morning-after pill is moving over-the-counter, a decision announced by the Food and Drug Administration just days before a court-imposed deadline.

Tuesday, the FDA lowered to 15 the age at which girls and women can buy the emergency contraceptive without a prescription — and said it no longer has to be kept behind pharmacy counters.

Not only are we encouraging irresponsibility, we’re encouraging teens to purchase drugs that we have no idea what their long term consequences will be on the body.

And all of it can happen without parents knowing about it.


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Sex has gone from being private to public. Put simply, one’s sexuality can confer social validation. Entire industries now spin on an axis of homosexual activism (think gay marriage movement). Being gay is an identity, and, like blackness or feminism, identity activism is sewn so deeply into our culture now, that we rarely consider the consequences of pouring so much energy into publicizing and popularizing sexual lifestyles.

But if we are going to continue to celebrate the Jason Collins of the world then we better brace ourselves for more headlines like “90 Teens Pregnant In One Memphis School.” If we are comfortable with the Newsweek headline, “Obama: First Gay President,” we better get used to seeing more that say, “Woman Has Sex With Students At School.”…

…We have cheapened ourselves so much. And the narcissism is breathtaking.


Also, Glenn Beck reacts to shocking story of baby snatched from parent’s arms 



…“Yesterday a judge says the baby can go back to the parents and the parents have control,” Glenn explained. “Well, thank you very much.  The one word, the keyword here is the last one:  Control.  The parents have control.  The State is doing everything they can to convince you that they have control over absolutely everything in your life, even your children.”

Glenn explained that this story is just the latest example of progressives thinking they know what is best for children. He brought up Melissa Harris-Perry’s MSNBC promo where she said parents need to give up this idea of private ownership of children and start thinking of them as part of the collective. Progressives like Harris-Perry seem to think that once the elites are allowed to make decisions for the masses, everything will be better.

“No, that’s when we’ll start making the wrong decisions.  Who cares about my child more:  The State or me?  Get the hell off my land; get your hands off my child,” Glenn said.

“You also have Common Core doing the same thing,” Glenn said. “ Common Core is about control, control over the teachers, control over you, control over your children.”…


Read the entire article at GlennBeck.com







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