Flashback, 2007: Fringe Anti-War POTUS Candidate Upbraids His Future Self

Dan Cleary

Remember how George W. Bush kept us all in the dark about his intentions in Iraq?

Me neither.

Of course, Bush could have allowed C-SPAN into the Situation Room and Obama still would have gotten his panties in a bunch about transparency. Oh well. Now keep in mind this is the same guy who one week ago launched awar kinetic military action against Libya and didn’t bother giving Congress a clue until three days later.

The American people? We’re penciled in for a debriefing this coming Monday...

The article continues with 2007 flash-back video of The Candidate at JammieWearingFool.

Update: Recall that military action against Libya was authorized by the U.N. on 3/17. “Kinetic military action” began on the 18th. The President notified Congress in his letter to the Speaker on 3/21. Here is Speaker Boehner’s 2-page reply to the President. The letter is in PDF format.

Update 2: At the Washington Examiner, Obama fails to grasp the gravity of going to war

“I see Obama’s visiting the United States,” said Rush Limbaugh on Thursday, the president’s first full day back in Washington after a spring break diplomatic tour of Latin America. For the White House, it was a touch of well-deserved sarcasm; Obama’s absence at the start of the Libyan hostilities, along with his haphazard conversations with members of Congress and his nonexistent effort to prepare the American public for war, left more than a few Washington insiders shaking their heads over how the president could have mishandled things so badly.

Say what you will about the Bush White House. It knew something about preparing Congress and the public for war, having done so before invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. A president needs to lay the foundation for military action by holding extensive briefings for Congress and also by explaining to the American people why action is needed and what it will involve.

That’s why veterans of the Bush White House can’t quite believe what they are seeing from the supposedly communications-savvy Obama administration…

And, at New Zeal, ‘Responsibility to Protect’–The End of National Sovereignty as We Know It?

Why Did U.S. President Barack Obama order a military attack on Libya? Why did he seek the permission of the United Nations Security Council, but not that of the U.S. Congress – as he is constitutionally obliged to do?

Glenn Beck has explained President Obama’s decision to attack Libya in terms of the  United Nations’ “Responsibility to Protect Doctrine”

Mr Beck is right…

Read the entire article. The information is stunning, and important if one is to comprehend Obama’s actions in Libya.

Update 3: Conservatives: Obama’s Libya Plan Bankrupting America With No Exit Strategy and Biden: Impeach President for Unauthorized Attack, from Newsmax

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