Flashback: Gasoline prices

“Flashback: Obama lamented falling gas prices in December 2008″

“I think that I would have preferred a gradual adjustment.”

Jeff G.
Protein Wisdom

Thing is, there is so much of this kinda stuff out there that, were it marshaled properly, would severely undercut Obama’s current attempts to pretend he’s the oil and gas President.

Sadly, though, we have a GOP leadership and a Party establishment — including it’s putative presidential front runner — who would rather go forcefully after conservatives than Obama.

And that’s not hyperbole, either…

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Also, Pelosi Attacks High Gas Prices and Blames the President

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UpdatePutin Needs Higher Oil Prices to Pay for Campaign Promises

In American presidential politics, high oil prices are a problem. For Vladimir V. Putin’s new presidential term in Russia, they will be a necessity — crucial to fulfilling his campaign promises to lift government spending by billions of dollars a year…

And just in case you missed it: Obama Claims Oil Is “Fuel of the Past”

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