Food Stamp Nation: R.I. Town Shows Leftism’s Dead End


Food Stamp Nation: A little town in Rhode Island shows where liberalism and all its talk of economic “security” ultimately leads — a stale economy and suffocating dependence on big government.

In a surprisingly candid and lengthy expose, the Washington Post described how Woonsocket, an economically depressed town in Rhode Island, has been turned upside down by food stamps.

With a third of the town enrolled, food stamps have created a huge boom-and-bust economy in Woonsocket, as residents pour into grocery stores on the first day of each month after the government pumps $2 million into their food stamp cards.

Many of the jobs in Woonsocket depend on food stamps, the Post found, with part-time work “clustered around the first of the month.”

The heavy reliance on food stamps has also encouraged a variety of weird and irresponsible behavior…


…a program designed to provide short-term, temporary aid suddenly becomes a way of life.

For the Obama administration, none of this is a cause for concern, but a reason to celebrate.

In fact, a top priority of the Agriculture Department — charged with running food stamps — is to expand the program so people can access it “easily and with dignity and respect.”

That, along with Obama’s lousy economic recovery, has driven food stamp enrollment up 43% since 2009.

If Obama has his way, we’ll all end up living like those poor folks in Woonsocket.


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