For the good citizens of London enough is enough

Terrific!… London Locals Chase Rioting Goons From Neighborhood (Video)

Jim Hoft

Enough Is Enough.
London locals had enough of the recreational rioting and chased the hoodlums down the street.

Russia Today reported, via Free Republic:


From the Video: Londoners took to the streets to protect their neighbourhoods on Tuesday night after Britain’s worst rioting in a generation. A group of anti-rioters marched through Enfield, in north London, aiming to deter looters. “We are the Enfield anti-rioting squad,” said one local resident. “You want to riot our place, we will riot you mate. This is our area not your area.” Another Enfield resident said his fellow vigilantes were the “people that are London, not the small minority that are going around smashing up stuff, that have got nothing to wake up for in the morning.”

More video, UK fights wars, retreats in riots? London outraged at police fail. Parliament returns to London as violence spreads nationwide. Citizens are disappointed with PM David Cameron’s response to the events of this week. At CAJ we believe the video wants to make the liberal argument that this violence springs from financial poverty as the government has had to cut entitlement programs and police rosters. It is our view that poverty does not breed criminals; a lack of moral character, personal responsibility and integrity does.

This article explains how violent mobs organize. Is this really poverty?

Update: From Trevor Loudon at New Zeal, Egyptian Socialist Tells Britons: “The Chances for Marxist Revolutionaries World Wide are Unprecedented” (video)

Egyptian Revolutionary Socialist Sameh Naguib, addresses the British Socialist Workers Party’s very recent Marxism 2011 conference in London.

A chilling analysis of unfolding Middle Eastern revolutions and their implications for the entire Western world.

Executing presidents, burning buildings, attacking police. Its all a big laugh for these people

Also at New Zeal, ‘U.S. Day of Rage’ Being Orchestrated for ‘Worldwide Democracy’ (think pseudoanarchist, neo-Marxist, globalist) Planned for 17 September 2011.

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Update 2: Legal Insurrection, London Rioters Ran Rampant Over Disarmed Populace

…Desperate Brits are resorting to shopping online for improvised weapons.  They are buying out of baseball bats, billy clubs, and folding shovels.  Yesterday, billy clubs saw a 41,000%+ increase in sales, until the item was pulled. Shipping times on their most popular baseball bat (up over 36,000%)  slipped to 4-6 weeks.  Today, a folding shovel is their new Sports and Leisure top seller, with sales up 239,000% in the past 24 hours!

Situations like this show gun control at its worst…


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