Foreign student visas to be cut by UK

BBC News
7 February 2010

The number of visas granted to foreign students is to be cut by the UK as part of a crackdown on abuses of the system, Home Secretary Alan Johnson has said.

Mr Johnson said tougher rules would require applicants to speak English to a certain level and ban those on short UK courses from bringing dependents.

He said the rules were aimed not at genuine students but those who travelled to the UK primarily for work.

They follow a review ordered after the alleged failed Chicago plane bombing.

The review was ordered by Gordon Brown after he said the alleged Christmas Day bomber, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who had studied in London, had linked up with al-Qaeda in Yemen after leaving the UK.

The article continues at BBC News.

In 2008/9, about 240,000 student visas were issued by the UK.

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