“Founding Bloggers” Divert Sen. Durbin’s Call for “Emergency Funds” to Scott Brown

Clever bloggers! Here is another example of why the Progressives in the administration want to control the internet…for our own good. Also it seems to us that with the DNC, SEIU, ACORN and a variety of big pharma/insurance PACS contributing to her campaign that Ms. Coakley’s financial picture should be great. Of course, running smear ads IS costly…read here, and here, and here.

UPDATE: And a bit of negative campaigning for free, courtesy of Fox News, H/T Jim Hoft of GatewayPundit.

Democrat Panic Continues:
Durbin Begs For “Emergency” Money To Send To Coakley

Founding Bloggers
January 12, 2010

Dick Durbin (Progressive-Illinois) sent us an email tonight, begging for money to be sent to Martha Coakley. We are reprinting it here, with a couple of subtle changes. All of the links to donate to the Progressive-Democrat are now linking to her Republican challenger.

Note how Durbin refers to the position as “Ted Kennedy’s seat.”
Also note how they are calling this an emergency!

Dear Founding Bloggers,

The final health care reform vote is just a few weeks away. But next Tuesday, Massachusetts is holding a special election to fill the open seat left by the passing of my friend and colleague, Senator Ted Kennedy — and the results will be pivotal in determining whether we pass health care reform this year.

If Ted Kennedy was still with us in the Senate, I’m certain he’d proudly vote “aye” to pass the most progressive step towards universal coverage in four decades. And the Democrat running to fill his seat, Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley, has pledged she’d do the same.

But Martha is running neck-and-neck against a Republican, state senator Scott Brown, who would betray Ted Kennedy’s proud legacy of fighting for the uninsured.

We need Martha Coakley’s vote in the Senate to pass real health care reform this year — and to do that, we need to act now to make sure she has the resources she needs to hold on to Ted Kennedy’s seat in the Senate.

Please click here to make an EMERGENCY contribution to Martha Coakley’s U.S. Senate campaign in Massachusetts before next Tuesday’s special election — and keep Ted Kennedy’s seat in our column.

Please read the rest of Durbin’s fund-raising message at Founding Bloggers.

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