‘FrackNation’ Filmmakers Post Pro-Fracking Billboard Negating ‘Gasland’ Misconceptions

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Liz Klimas
The Blaze

One of the most frightening pieces of evidence in Josh Fox’s 2010 documentary against hydraulic fracturing — Gasland — is a clip showing tap water being set on fire. Filmmaker and journalist Phelim McAleer isn’t trying to deny that the water is flammable, but he is trying to say that it’s not a result of “fracking,” a controversial process used to extract natural gas from shale rock.

According to McAleer, his wife Ann McElhinney and Magda Segieda who are working showing a different side of fracking, water has been flammable in some parts of the country since 1669. Not only are they creating a documentary of their own — FrackNation — to debunk what they believe are untruths told in Gasland, but more recently, they’ve posted a billboard on Route 17 in Rock Hill, N.Y., toward Pennsylvania to spread the word about the history of flammable water.

“This is something that people need to know,” McAleer said in an interview with the Blaze. “The truth needs to be told.”

According to McAleer, Fox picked a powerful image to spread an anti-fracking message but the ability to light water on fire, seemingly an oxymoron, is nothing new. McAleer sites Native Americans and early settlers referring to “burning springs.” There are several areas around the country, including in West Virginia, Kentucky and New York, where natural gas has been reported to bubble up through water making it ignitable.

McAleer, who said he hates to say this, said in this instance Fox is an “unethical journalist.” McAleer references a time when he publicly questioned Fox about his exploitation of burning water in the documentary without acknowledging that this phenomenon has been known outside of fracking. Fox responded saying it wasn’t “relevant” to the documentary to include that information.

“Even if it’s not relevant, you have to bring it up to knock it down, ” McAleer said explaining what would be a good journalistic move. “But he doesn’t do that.”…

The article, with video, continues at The Blaze.

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